Thriller; Score 1406290 Votes; runtime 2 H, 49Minutes; Interstellar is a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain. A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival; 9,1 / 10; Year 2014

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Hans Zimmer does such a great job at projecting emotions through his music, expecially interstellars soundtrack. as cringy as it sounds I cried a bit hearing this music. Think about spacetime, black holes, extra dimensions by hearing this music. about unsolved mysteries in the universe. Interstellar watch movie free. They managed to make Saturn feel like home, create a compelling plot and stick to the physics (or at least a theory of it in some cases. One of the greatest movies of this century.

I love how they modeled Cooper Station after the ship in Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, a book that should have been made into a movie years ago. This will always remind me of the Citadel from Mass Effect. Interstellar watch movie. A shame if this happened irl there wouldnt be any music. This song make me think about GOD. SOMEONE WILL FIND THIS COMMENT ONE *DAY. Where to watch interstellar movie. Interstellar Watch movie. Interstellar Watch movie page imdb.

NO! TURN BACK TIME. I should have watched this on theaters when I had the chance.
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Father: Because I liked that name. Who else came here right after watching 2 Hamsters initiate the docking sequence. Interstellar telugu movie watch online. When the camera cuts back to Cooper after Murph tell him its her birthday, its so powerful. Not only is he crying, but it is clear he has been crying as soon as she came on the screen. He looks so distraught with the decision he has made. A wonderfully acted and emotional scene. Imagine if the morse code just ended up being Cooper's password to access his porn on his hard-drive. Have you ever wondered what (sentance) cooper is writing by that code. Interstellar Watch movie reviews.

This is a masterpiece, the best Nolan's work. Its timeless, trancending, beautiful, emotional, gigantic. When the music plays my heart tickles. Thank you Chris. This beautiful cinematography is one of the reasons i live for. (Blade Runner, Interstellar, Mad Max Fury Road, Matrix, 2001, Apocalypse Now, LOTR, Dunkirk. Looking forward for amazing years coming for us in the future. Whos gonna pick up all that paper. I love this movie. Makes me emotional at the end... If this isn't played in my funeral.

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10/4/19 - Black hole picture captured for first time in space breakthrough.

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I'd cry too if my son became Casey Affleck. Interstellar Watch movies. Interstellar movie watch online. I wish there was a way to watch this movie for the first time again. Interstellar telugu dubbed movie watch online. The first VHS uncut unrated version contained graphic violence cut from the theatrical version. Interstellar watch online full movie.

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I like the theatrical version better. Its the one i saw first. Also loved the harrison ford voice over, and loved the happy ending when you finally see the sun at the end of the movie. Interstellar Watch movie database. It gives me goosebumps everytime I watch the movie. It gives truly deep meanings of humanity, love and the universe. And the music - It's just amazing. Interstellar Watch movie maker. Everytime I listen to this I almost cry because of how beautiful it is, Hans Zimmer is a true artist.'s%20Revenge%20Movie%20Online未選択/project%20free%20tv%20fantasy%20is