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Duration 2Hours 8min
year 2019
description A young kindly street thief named Aladdin finds his world turned upside down when he falls in love with a beautiful young girl, who in reality is the gorgeous Princess Jasmine. As Aladdin is determined to win her heart, he comes across a mysterious oil lamp, which holds a powerful genie, who may be the key to making his dreams come true. As the duo becomes close friends, they soon find out that the lamp is also being sought by the wily Jafar, who intends to use the lamp in an evil plot to take over the kingdom and wage war on the neighboring towns
Rating 7,5 / 10 star
directed by Guy Ritchie
Genre Romance

I won't be silenced. Honestly will is growing on me as the genie. I'm happy he didn't try and just copy Robin Williams because that would just be a losing battle. Instead he made the genie his own with his own mannerism and personality. I can say with full confidence that will Smith did NOT fuck it up and honored mister Williams with his performance. First comment this episode is really good. This was one of the few trailers that sent chills up my spine with anticipation. The movie was good too.


Anyone hearing this song in 2020 ? 1like = yes. Kuch episodes esi hey ki download karke rakhdu aur bar bar dekta raho. In mey se e bhi ek hey.

I wish there would be Tara Sutaria

The entire movie felt like I was transported to a whole new world. Pun intended. Who is here after listening to zayn and zhavia whole new world. To be honest i realy realy love ginoo coz he is so funy.


Aladdin Bahutu handsome hai👦🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️💙❣💛💜💚💞💖💟💝💗💕❣💓💘. I love you Mena Massoud ❤️. 6:19 love the dialogue kameene hote hi aise hai 😄😄😄.